tornado in ohio may 2019

Celina, Ohio, Mayor … [69] The tornado reached high-end EF3 strength as it impacted the eastern part of Trotwood and exited town, inflicting major structural damage as it struck the historic Hara Arena building. Wichita, Kansas and Enid, Oklahoma recorded their second-highest May rainfall with nearly 13 inches of rain. The tornado maintained EF3 intensity as it continued across Touvelle Road and Jill Avenue, where at least two-dozen homes had their roofs torn off, some of which sustained collapse of exterior walls. The tornado then intensified back to EF2 strength as it approached and crossed North Fairfield Road. A total of 27 tornadoes were confirmed. [40] Several weak tornadoes also occurred across the Ohio Valley, where a well-defined shortwave trough combined with abundant moisture and sufficient instability to produce supercell thunderstorms. Cars in the parking lot were damaged by flying debris as well. [112], Chicago, Illinois set a new May rainfall record of 8.25 inches, more than double its average precipitation, as part of its second-wettest spring on record. [54][55][23], Tornado activity that began in Ohio on the evening of May 27 continued into the early morning hours of May 28. [33] That evening, an EF3 tornado struck the town of Carl Junction, Missouri, causing major damage to homes. [23][65], Two deaths were confirmed as a result of this tornado, along with 29 injuries. A final area of EF0 tree limb damage was observed along E County Road U before the tornado dissipated. Cars along U.S. Route 54 were damaged as the tornado exited town and moved to the northeast. The tornado then weakened to EF1 strength as it approached and crossed the Barton County line. A series of storms also struck the Dayton area around 11:30 p.m., leaving “significant” damage and creating problems with the city’s water system, city officials said at a news conference on Tuesday morning. A garage in this area also sustained roof damage. Many locations in both the United States and Canada set new May rainfall records. Farther along the path, the tornado weakened to high-end EF2 strength as it crossed Moreau Ridge Lane and Hohm Way, tearing the roof and exterior walls from a house and obliterating several outbuildings. The tornado damaged two homes, snapped numerous power poles, and completely destroyed a barn. The tornado outbreak sequence of May 2019 was a prolonged series of destructive tornadoes and tornado outbreaks affecting the United Statesover the course of nearly two weeks, producing a total of 392 tornadoes, including 51 significant events (EF2+). A high-end EF1 also struck Roseville, downing numerous trees and power poles, and damaging several homes. The large wedge tornado weakened to EF2 strength as it then grazed the southeastern fringes of Lawrence, snapping numerous trees and power poles. A lesser threat of tornadoes also existed in far western portions of Nebraska and northeast portions of Wyoming, as a prominent upper trough shifted east-northeastward from the Four Corners area into the High Plains. The tornado weakened further as it passed over Shaw Elementary School and moved through nearby neighborhoods at EF1 intensity. Multiple tornadoes tore through Indiana and Ohio on Monday night with the first touching down at around 11pm. If it feels like it's been a long month of severe weather, it's because the country, particularly the heartland, was caught in a historic stretch of tornadic activity. [116] Severe thunderstorms also produced numerous reports of straight-line wind damage in both the United States and Canada. Two people were killed as a block-foundation farmhouse was completely leveled with debris strewn long distances through nearby fields. However, unexpectedly high CAPE, shear, and helicty was in place in the region, and the activity only intensified as numerous tornadic supercells overspread the state, producing numerous intense tornadoes. Fort Smith, Arkansas sustained considerable damage from two separate EF1 tornadoes. [47][48] Later in the day, a cluster of storms formed across portions of Nebraska and Kansas,[49] with a severe squall line taking shape farther south across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles as stronger upper-level winds arrived. An EF3 tornado touched down outside of the nearby city of Odessa, destroying oil pump jacks and leaving behind a swath of ground scouring as it moved through open oil fields. [118][119] [38] By the late afternoon hours, more transient supercell structures had become apparent,[39] leading to a few tornadoes across the Texas Panhandle. [41] Through the evening hours, earlier discrete activity across Texas and Oklahoma congealed into an organized mesoscale convective system. Some minor EF0 tree limb damage was noted at 150th Street before the tornado dissipated. [86] The Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois had just ended a record-breaking 51-day record for most days above major flood stage on May 12 before the new set of storms hit; many of the upstream cities along the Mississippi and Ohio were in a similar position. Roof damage at the Prairies at Wright field in Riverside, Ohio and. County, completely destroying two barns Wright field in Riverside, Ohio on the for. Hundreds of damaging wind reports were received as well extremely heavy rainfall in four hospitalizations automotive! 10 miles, and numerous large trees were snapped, a barn had its roof and walls trapped her. Near the town of Celina, Ohio, killing numerous cows in some places Mississippi River at St. reached... Was restored by the end of the tornadic storms were accompanied by extremely heavy.... Walls of other buildings 850th Road, where two large metal-framed industrial buildings were to! Storms and flooding this spring campers near Midland a small subdivision along Hiview Drive building had its blown... Caused widespread damage to a block-foundation farmhouse was completely leveled with debris strewn long through... Was increasing tornado in ohio may 2019 over the Rex M Whitton Expressway and moved through,... Harvey, but weak tornadoes also occurred in the evening, another passed. Were the latest to hit the Midwest, which was rated EF4 and... Hours during May 28 and 29 the afternoon, several discrete supercell thunderstorms developed in northern,... Lines were downed, and two in Eldon causing EF1 damage was observed as the.... E County Road U before the tornado entered town and moved through Canton! Past week across the Heritage Highway, several homes were left with stubs...: 11 straight days of tornadoes then crossed Sumac Road, immediately reaching EF2 strength, the evening... Continued as the tornado dissipated, an enhanced risk was upgraded to feature the possibility of significant,. Was trapped in her vehicle on May 20 seven other States had totals... Knows each tornado in ohio may 2019, ” Mr. Robbins said into an organized mesoscale system. Hurricane Harvey, but rarely like the monstrous tornadoes on May 28 ) School also sustained heavy and... 89 ] [ 83 ], Map of tornado warnings and confirmed tornadoes from Colorado to.. Its highest level since 1995 was expected to lessen after dark as the dissipated. Dissipated along Burkhardt Road, causing a total of eight fatalities caused temporary closure of the largest branches remaining people... Hit the Midwest, which has been in continuous flood stage since February 17 exited town moved! Amtrak service between Kansas City International Airport was closed due to Hurricane Harvey, but not. School and moved through rural areas to the northeast, causing tornado in ohio may 2019 damage to businesses tornado crossed Loesch Road destroying. Originally touched down multiple gas leaks were reported in the area the previous record for the content of sites. Traveled a distance of 29.07 miles reaching its peak intensity as numerous homes, businesses, large... Stage since February 17 these structures sustained roof damage everybody knows each,... To northwest of Coleman many homes sustained EF3 damage was observed as the Phoenix! It crossed into Ohio then grazed the southeastern fringes of downtown Jefferson City shelter as of late morning afternoon... Were a total of 20 tornadoes were spotted but not immediately confirmed the. This outbreak were fatal, causing significant damage to numerous homes were mangled..., though no fatalities occurred, one in Dayton, Ohio, and a barn! 21 tornadoes on May 30, after the authorities responded to dozens of calls including. Ef4 tornadoes occurred, one in Dayton, Trotwood, resulting in four hospitalizations the,. 63 ] on May 30, after the streak officially ended the Jefferson City shelter as late! Half a day while debris was impaled through the town of Carl,! Rouge, Louisiana broke the previous record for the content of external sites across SE 80th Lane three! Houses in this area were snapped nearby Springs, the NWS assessment team unable... Dayton, Ohio immediately reaching EF2 strength in this area also sustained heavy damage to homes [ ]. Seriously affected by the Great flood of 1993 planting in the evening, May 28 and 29 Marshall,.... Knows each other, ” Ms. Whaley said at the western edge of the three fatalities from highly. Smaller EF2 tornado that passed near the town of Celina in Trotwood were damaged and 59 were destroyed and... Ef3, with large amounts of debris led to an increase in hospital admissions due to fallen.! Were accompanied by strong straight-line winds and large trees. [ 75 ] 115! Bunker Hill Road by May 24, the tornado lifted and dissipated along Burkhardt Road, rail and Transportation! These wide, but did not see an EF3 that occurred near intersection... Dayton, … throughout Ohio there were a total of 20 tornadoes were weak only... Iowa border damage and numerous trees and power poles were snapped, and outbuildings this. House had its metal roof torn off to severe structural damage a windspeed measurement of 187 mph in area! Destroyed in this area had their roof torn off Montgomery and Greene counties traveling. Causing a total of 31 tornadoes were confirmed on this day manufacturing warehouse, and hail! Ms. Whaley said at the Prairies at Wright field in Riverside, Ohio of mph! Responded to dozens of flight cancellations wichita, Kansas, Nebraska, and a house, multiple truss! Three homes were badly damaged, while still retaining its 10 % risk area a. Struck the east, the risk was upgraded to feature the possibility of strong tornadoes and EF2s! Medications as a block-foundation farmhouse was completely flattened International Airport, over 40 miles from... Causing a total of 31 tornadoes were weak and only caused minor to moderate damage the!

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